This is custom-made solutions of NAGOYA CORE CO., LTD.

Our company develops and manufactures paper core products that are environment-friendly, lightweight and strong.
It's our mission that will make use of the unlimited possibilities of paper material in creating and manufacturing.
We provide to customer's request and provide high quality, high function products and services.

This is custom-made solutions of NAGOYA CORE CO., LTD. Yes,we can solve it!

  • 1.High precision and high quality product capabilities that can demonstrate excellent functions
  • 2.Development capabilities that make the most of the performance of paper materials
  • 3.Ability to propose to respond to customer needs finely
  • 4.Integrated power through group companies collaboration

Product capability & development capability

Outstanding products

・All of Paper honeycomb core series with the highest level of strength.
(New Dice Core, NB Core, Aluminum Hydroxide Honeycomb Core, Honeycomb Core, etc.)
・5 layer paper sandwiching the core paper and the polyester with high warp restraining effect.
・Expandable honeycomb core realizing space saving.
(New Dice Core, Aluminum Hydroxide Honeycomb Core, Honeycomb Core, etc.)
・Cut free panel that can also handle edge processing
・Printable multifunction panel

Development plan (Please contact us your development plan)

We accept various development projects. Please do not hesitate to consult us.

We have over 300 companies transactions including "major building material manufacturers", "steel door manufacturers" and "office furniture manufacturers".

Development of poly-sand panel

Development of display products

Pioneering development of paper pallets

Perforated processing for core

Development of honeycomb core expanding machine

■Development of paper panel (poly-sand panel) using poly-sand 5-layer paper as the surface paper

Development of a paper panel (poly-sand panel) that adopts poly-sand 5-layer paper for the surface paper, based on the request from a major building material manufacturer to develop "contraction minimal panel".

■Development of display products

Development of various exhibition display products including leaflet racks and catalog stands.

■Pioneering development of paper pallets

Development of high strength, lightweight, high environment adaptation, cost-effective paper pallet using honeycomb core ahead of other companies.

■Development of sound absorbing panel (for upright piano)

Development of an innovative sound absorbing panel with a damping factor enhanced by a combination of a sound absorbing core having a rectifying effect and a highly efficient sound absorbing foam.

■Development of honeycomb core expanding machine

Development of honeycomb core expanding machine compatible with unexpanded honeycomb core. (Recommended for continuous paper product extension)

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