Sound Absorption Panels "SAP-Ⅲ" for Upright piano

Birth of the ground-breaking sound absorption panels "SAP-Ⅲ (SAP Three)", which is simple placed on the rear side of an upright piano.

Exceptionally effective sound absorption using a unique structure.
Simple installation requiring no construction.
It is effective for preventing sound from leaking into neighboring houses and rooms, and upper and lower floors.

A 20 day return guarantee for peace of mind.


1. It uses a unique technology to achieve a source sound (sound absorption + sound installation)effect without affecting sound quality.
2. It can be installed easily anywhere by anyone with no construction needed.
3. We have measured data at public institutions and implemented a measurement of the effectiveness.

<SAP-Ⅲ is recommended for these people>

People who live in apartments or condominiums and who care about the noise to neighboring rooms, next room or downstairs.
People who want soundproof measures.
People who want to keep soundproofing by themselves without damaging upright piano.

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