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■Privacy Policy

Our company is "Nagoya Core Co., Ltd. website" operated by our company (hereinafter referred to as "our website"), we will clarify the policy on this page on how we collect, use and protect your personal information.

1. Regarding collecting personal information
On our website, we collect "individual-identifiable information and inquiries" such as individual's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc. when "you sent from the input form on our website".

2. Regarding purpose of using personal information
On our website, the collected personal information is used to answer inquiries, to provide and guide our services.

3. Regarding purpose of sharing personal information
We will never provide or disclose your personal information to third parties without obtaining prior consent from our customers except in the following cases.

In case of formal cooperation request etc from the authorities based on the laws and regulations in Japan
When it is urgent to protect human life and human rights

4. Regarding change and deletion of personal information
Regarding personal information held by us, when requested by the person himself, we will modify, update or delete the data.

5. Regarding management of personal information
In order to properly protect personal information, we will thoroughly disseminate the importance of collected personal information to our employees (officers, employees) and manage it.

6. Regarding link
This website includes links to external sites, but does not share personal information.
We can not take responsibility for collection of personal information carried out on linked website, so please confirm with the link destination site.

7. Regarding inquiry
We are accepting inquiries regarding handling of personal information below.

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4-155, Higashi Komaki Aichi 485-0831 Japan