10 mm Core Series

The 10 mm core series is a core material made by consecutively laminating single-faced corrugated board. Because it is a light-weight board type, it is a core material with good workability which can be starched on the core side without the need to expand and hold down other cores. The materials is made from cardboard sheet paper, so it is extremely light with an appropriate strength, available in a variety of types, and used in various fields.


1. A board type, it has a wider adhesive area than other cores for superior adhesive strength.
2. It has an extremely low impact on the environment by using environmentally-friendly material (100% recycled paper).
3. It can be produced and delivered in dimensions to meet size specifications. (900×1,800mm or less)
4. It is a high-strength paper core which can also be used in vacuum presses.
5. It has a thickness accuracy of -0.0mm~+0.3mm.

Typical Uses

Doors for individual houses, apartments, and buildings.
Core materials for flush structures such as furniture, top boards, sliding screens, and partitions
Cores for deck boards/legs of paper pallets, cushioning packaging materials, etc.

Types and standards

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