Honeycomb Core Series

The honeycomb core series is made by continuous paper, then formed into a hexagonal shape at the time of expanding. Due to the abundance of types, it is an economical core material with good workability which can be used in accordance with performance. The materials is made from paper, so it is extremely light with an appropriate strength, available in a variety of types, and used in various fields.


1. It is a core material made by consecutively laminating the base paper to form a hexagonal shape at the time of expanding.
2. It uses environmentally-friendly materials and is extremely lightweight.
3. Because it is a expanded type it doesn't take up storage space. (It realized space reduction)
4. Combining requested volumes and making into continuous paper leads to simplification of work and labor saving.
5. It has a thickness accuracy of -0.0mm~+0.3mm.
6. Free selection is possible to meet production systems from low to high volume production.
7. Using a honeycomb core expanding machine enables simple expanding to fit your desired size.

Typical Uses

Core material for doors and steel doors for individual houses, apartments, buildings and cushioning material, etc.

Types and standards

※Cell size is the size when used with standard dimensions.

※Please take care regarding the width, length, frame material inner dimensions to be used when ordering.

※We can manufacture and deliver special dimension and continuous paper (endless type) to meet order sizes.
※We also have a expanding machine to expand honeycomb cores (expand them in a folded state).
※Cell 19 160KS is a paper core impregnated with the resin designated in the “Public Construction Standard Specifications (In Japan)”.
※Strength testing methods are in accordance with JIS-A6931. Strength data is average values and not guaranteed values.

Usage illustration of the honeycomb core expanding machine
(Recommended for expanding (stretching) of continuous paper products)

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