Paper Pallets

The paper pallets are environmentally-friendly ecological product using a honeycomb panel for the tray part and laminated cardboard for the leg part. Using a honeycomb core which is light weight and strong, we can make the pallet you request by changing the structure of the core material by cushioning material dimensions and weight. It can maintain a strength that is not inferior to wooden pallets. The materials is made from paper, so it is extremely light with an appropriate strength, available in a variety of types, and used in various fields.


1. It is a non-polluting pallet which can be easily disposed of after use is easy and is also recyclable.
2. An environmentally-friendly ecological product composed completely of paper.
3. It can be produced and delivered in dimensions to meet size specifications.
4. Due to its extreme light weight it can lead to reduced loading and unloading work and transport costs compared with wooden pallets
5. Pesticide fumigation which is required when exporting with wooden pallets is not required.

Typical Uses

Pallet for packing, pallet for export, etc.

※When ordering, please contact us with information regarding the shape, size, and weight of the products to be used and the desired pallet dimensions (width, length, height)
※Please consult with us regarding pallet shape and supported strength.

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