Paper Panels

Panel series is a paper core panel with liner (surface paper) and NB core stuck together.
You can choose from 2 types of liners (surface paper) according to the intended use.
By bonding the optimum liner (surface paper) according to the NB core and application, it becomes a lightweight and high-strength panel and it can be used in various fields.


1.You can select from 2 types of paper depending on uses.
2. I can be produced and delivered in dimensions to meet size specifications. (1,200×2,400mm or less)
3. An environmentally-friendly ecological product.
4. It has a thickness accuracy of -0.0mm~+0.3mm.

1. 5 layer paper sandwiching the core paper and the polyester(Moisture-proof) + NB core types
2. Tube and core paper board (Thickness: 0.7mm) + NB core types

Typical Uses

Display Panels, Sign Boards, Bulletin Boards, Simple paper furniture and utensils, Japanese sliding screen for individual houses and apartments, Partitions, paper pallets, etc.

Types and standards

The basic dimensions of the panels is 900mm wide x 1,800mm length and 1,200mm width x 2,400mm length. Panels can be produced from a thickness of 10mm – 30mm.

※Requests for dimensions other than the basic dimensions can be handled. Please inquire with us.

※We can cut into a variety of shapes to meet your desired dimensions. Please inquire with us.

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